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Comfort Shipping Group operates in diversified industrial categories with current main interests in:


Comfort Shipping is a ship-owner and charterer, operator and broker thus we adjust our services offered and our fleet to the needs of our clients and cater to the market trends.

As a player in dry bulk shipping, we operate vessels of all size, under time charters or on the spot market, and are well-specialized in the management of bulk carriers from Handymax to Panamax as well as tugboats and barges.

These vessels carry all types of dry cargo (eg. coal, coke, gypsum, bauxite, clinker, ore, sand and granite) but also intermediate finished products such as steel structures, machineries and pipes.


Our affiliate company Lian Hoe Guan Marine is one of Singapore's leading sand and granite suppliers. We provide our clients with a spectrum of customised services.

We have a ready supply of sand ( Golf, Silica, Topdressing, Fairway, Bunker, Concreting, Plastering etc ) and Granite ( 3 / 4 , chipping, dust, etc ) at our Singapore and Indonesia (Jakarta) sand yards. Packaging into bags and containers can be arranged and delivered.

Our clients come from diverse industries such as cement, construction, glass, landscaping, pre-cast concrete, foundry, filtration and reclamation.

As a supplier specialised in sand and granite, we have supplied for golf courses, country clubs and turf clubs in Singapore and Indonesia including selected parts of the region as well.

Our success working with clients is clear evidence of the quality of services we offer to the market and our reputation as a trustworthy business partner. We are committed to serve and deliver the utmost quality to each of our valuable clients.


Ever ready to adjust to changes in the market, we offer customers an efficient total supply chain service in Singapore from our base in Pulau Punggol Timor. Services include rental of excavators, wheel loaders, stevedoring at terminal, inventory management, order processing, customs clearance and onward distribution by trucks.

We ensure that clients' cargoes are delivered to and collected from the ship in a professional and cost effective manner.


Our Company is constantly exploring new sites as well as new minerals with potential around South East Asia with specific aim of developing new markets for agricultural and industrial purposes - locally as well as internationally.

Our expertise in the mining industry have spanned over 30 years. Advances in technology in the extraction of minerals from deposits has improved dramatically.

Samples are taken at each new site and analysed for its content by accredited laboratory. Once a site is considered of commercial potential, assessments will be carried out. The work involves accurate mapping of each deposit with respect to grade, thickness, calculation of reserves in tonnages and the geological setting of the site.

Currently, we export the following minerals to many parts of the world - Silica Sand, Granite, Coal, Monazite, Gypsum, Iron Ore Rock & etc. All can be packed into containers for shipping.